Google will no longer use Assistant recordings without users’ consent

Google is updating its policies to reduce the storage of audio data on the platform. Google’s new policy will not only allow users to either opt-in or opt-out but the new policy will also delete audio recordings older than a few months associated with accounts of opted-in users and this new policy will be launched at the end of this year.


According to the announcement by Google, now users will review their settings under the ‘Voice and Audio Activity’ requirements if they opt-in. Google also modified its filters to automatically delete recordings made in error without the user saying ‘Ok Google’ or some other wake words. Google is also expected to launch a feature that will enable users to select the sensitivity of Google Assistant to wake words so that it doesn’t activate accidentally.

With these announcements from Google, now people are at least aware of their data being used and can easily opt-out of it whenever they want to or at least limit it too.

Google is one of the largest platforms with millions of users engaged with its various products and services. It’s a platform known for its vast range of services and products to bring ease in the life of its users. The scandal involving the voice recordings of users used by contractors to improve its digital device translations made Google lose its reputation in the society but the new policies introduced by Google is an attempt to again rise from the mess it created.

The new policies look promising and the apology made by Google for the privacy violation really gained so much love and people are actually looking forward to its new modified services that promise a more secure platform for users.

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