Logitech Unveils Keyboard And Mouse Combo Optimized ForChrome OS

While the majority of external keyboards will work with a Chrome OS computer, they tend to fall slightly short as there are certain keys that are missing, but for general typing, you should be able to get away with using a standard keyboard with your Chrome OS device. However, if you’re a stickler for optimization, then look no further than Logitech.

The company has announced their first Made for Google device combo, which comes in the form of a keyboard and mouse that they claim has been optimized for use with Chrome OS. What this means is that the keyboard will come with a row of Chrome OS shortcut keys and a number pad, in addition to a dedicated Google Assistant button, allowing users to summon the digital assistant at a press of a button.


The keyboard also comes with a built-in groove which you can use to mount your smartphone, and with the keyboard coming with an Easy-Switch toggle, it means that you will be able to switch between typing on your phone and your laptop on the fly. The keyboard boasts a battery life of up to 36-months, while the mouse will last up to 18-months.

In terms of pricing, the keyboard will be priced at $50 while the mouse will retail for $30.

Source: news.logitech

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